Friday, May 29, 2009

I've been warned by the DMCA

So I'm taking down all links to albums that are owned by major record labels.

Sorry guys, I can't afford to get sued.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Apologies and tidbits

Yeah, sorry about the lack of updates. I have exams coming up, so there won't be too much in the way of new links for about another month.


For those who are interested, I'll link you to some music that I've made, The Admirable Crichton.
For fans of experimental electronic music.


1. Ultra-Marine Blue
2. Wrecked
3. The Admirable Crichton
4. Coconuts for Luncheon (1:00)
5. Gov'
6. In Pursuit of Tweeny
7. Rescue
8. Crichton Once More
9. Escape

MP3 CBR @ 256Kbps

Monday, May 18, 2009

Captain Beefheart: Trout Mask Replica

Probably the best known of all of Beefheart's albums, Trout Mask Replica is well regarded as one of the most experimental "rock" albums ever made, and was described by critics as an album that most conceptual artists would "get". At first, this album may seem to be extremely poorly organised with the vocals out of time with the rest of the band, all the instruments playing out of key and the lyrics meaning nothing beyond pure madness. It's got some very lo-fi production to-boot.
Upon repeated listens the patterns emerge and you realise this album is the aural equivalent of a Dali masterpiece; perhaps not traditionally nice to look at, devoid of any rhyme or reason and incredibly playful. But like a Dali painting it also displays an incredible technical prowess, although never for the sake of it (keep in mind this entire album was written out by Beefheart in musical notation). Funny that Beefheart makes reference to Dali with the track "Dali's Car".

With this album Beefheart has created his own musical language. If you laugh the first time you hear this album; good. Humour and absurdity are an important part of Beefheart's music.
Regardless of what your favourite type of music is, I'd still reccommend this album as it transcends most catagorization. All you need is an open mind and Trout Mask Replica could change your perspective on music.
Tough but rewarding.


1. Frownland
2. The Dust Blows Forward N' The Dust Blows Back
3. Dachau Blues
4. Ella Guru
5. Hair Pie Bake One
6. Moonlight on Vermont
7. Pachuco Cadaver
8. Bill's Corpse
9. Sweet Sweet Bulbs
10. Neon Meate Dream of An Octafish
11. China Pig
12. My Human Gets Me Blues
13. Dali's Car
14. Hair Pie Bake Two
15. Pena
16. Well
17. When Big Joan Sets Up
18. Fallin' Ditch
19. Sugar and Spikes
20. Ant Man Bee
21. Orange Claw Hammer
22. Wild Life
23. She's Too Much For My Mirror
24. Hobo Chang Ba
25. The Blimp (mousetrapreplica)
26. Steal Softly Thru Snow
27. Old Fart At Play
28. Veteran's Day Poppy

MP3 VBR V2 @ ~200Kbps

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Cinematic Orchaestra: Motion

From the acclaimed electronic label Ninja Tune, The Cinematic Orchaestra subtly combine downtempo electronica with some cool-ass jazz.
Seriously chilled out stuff.

1. Durian
2. Ode To The Big Sea
3. Night Of The Iguana
4. Channel 1 Suite
5. Bluebirds
6. And Relax!
7. Diabolus

MP3 CBR @ 192Kbps

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nobuo Uematsu: Final Fantasy IX Piano Collection

A criminally over-looked genre of music, Video Game sountracks can be absolutely incredible.
Why Final Fantasy 9? Because it's awesome that's why.

1. Eternal Harvest - IX
2. Secret Library Daguerreo
3. The Place I'll Return To Someday
4. Vamo' Alla Flamenco
5. Frontier Village Dali
6. Bran Bal, The Souless Village
7. Endless Sorrow
8. You're Not Alone!
9. Two Hearts That Can't Be Stolen
10. Rose of May
11. Sleepless City Treno
12. Where Love Doesn't Reach
13. Final Battle
14. Melodies of Life

MP3 CBR @ 128Kbps

The Advantage: Elf-Titled

Ever wonder what NES music would sound like if played by a real band?
From a fraction of the members of Hella.

1. Batman - Stage 1 (2:27)
2. Contra - Alien's Lair / Boss Music  (2:56)
3. Double Dragon 3 - Egypt (1:57)
4. Duck Tales- Moon(1:39)
5. Metroid- Kraid's Lair (2:41)
6. Air Fortress - Not Fat Iced Caramel Hazelnut Soy Latte with Extra Whipped Cream (2:28)
7. Bomerman 2- Wiggy (1:47)
8. Castlevania- Intro + Stage 1 (1:28)
9. Solar Jetman - Braveheart Level (2:48)
10. The Goonies 2- Wiseman (0:41)
11. Double Dragon 2 - Mission 5: Forest of Death (2:24)
12. Castlevania 3 - Boss Music / Willow- Village / Megaman 2- Bubble Man (3:55)
13. Mega Man 2- Stage Select / Metal Man (2:04)
14. Castlevania 2 - Woods (1:22)
15. Guardian Legend - Corridor 1 (1:52)
16. Wizards and Warriors - Tree Trunk / Woods / Victory (3:47)

MP3 VRB V2 @ ~205Kbps

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Alan Watts

I figured I'd post something really out there this time.

This man is Alan Watts. He's a philosopher who combines Eastern and Western Philosophy with scientific knowledge. He really puts things in perspective. He's funny, and he never preaches. He just voices his view on things. 

12 discs, 14 hours at 32Kps.

Honestly, this guy has changed my perspective on so much in life, definitely worth your time.
Can't recommend it enough.

Don't worry, I'll get back to posting Jazz Fusion soon enough.